Ettennakaay Tenterfield Terrier
Ettennakaay Tenterfield TerrierEttennakaay Tenterfield TerrierEttennakaay Tenterfield TerrierEttennakaay Tenterfield TerrierEttennakaay Tenterfield Terrier
Paula H
Paula H

Ettennakaay Tenterfield Terrier

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Planned Litter  Aug 2022Home Date  9 weeks (after birth)

LocationLogan City, Queensland

Hi, I'm Paula H.

Being a small registered DogsQLD breeder who is passionate about breeding these beautiful dogs within the breed standards​,​ I want to share my obsession with like minded owners.

Vet Approved Criteria

Last checked on 19 August 2020

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Our Breeding Practices

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Behaviour and socialisation

We have a pack of 5 Tenterfield Terriers and each of the puppies socialise with my crew as well as varied aged humans who give them lots of play​,​ cuddles and love

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Mum and Dad are tested prior to the breeding to ensure they are clear of any genetic​,​ in turn​,​ this ensures the pups are also clear of genetic problems. All pups are wormed at 2​,​4​,​6&8 weeks. Health checked and vaccinated at 6 weeks.

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Home environment

I live on acreage and all puppies are raised as happy​,​ healthy and confident puppies​,​ ready for their forever homes.

Health Tests

Core Tests(2/2)

Ettennakaay Tenterfield Terrier conducts 2 out of 2 core health tests which RightPaw believe are most important to conduct for the Tenterfield Terrier.


dna iconGenetic Test

Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) is a genetic cause of blindness found in dogs, particularly affecting…



dna iconGenetic Test

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) in dogs is a type of genetic eye disease causing deterioration…


Additional Tests

Ettennakaay Tenterfield Terrier conducts 2 additional tests available for the Tenterfield Terrier.

dna iconGenetic Test

Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia (BHFD) is a genetic condition causing hair loss of black and brown regions of the coat. It is linked to the ‘dilute’ colour gene and can affect many tri-coloured or bi-coloured dogs. Affected dogs are prone to developing skin infections. There is a DNA test available to identify breeding dogs that are carrying BHFD.


dna iconGenetic Test

Congenital Hypothyroidism with Goitre (CHG) is a genetic type of hypothyroidism that can be found in Fox Terriers, English Toy Terriers and Tenterfield Terriers. There is a DNA test available to identify if a breeding dog is carrying this condition.


About the breeder

A little about us

I was introduced to Tenterfield Terriers 14 years ago. I have had other breeds, but the enjoyment I get out of watching this wonderful breed come alive every minute, just makes my day. More people need to know about this beautiful breed.

Why we got involved in breeding

To introduce others to this beautiful fun loving breed

Our special touch

They are all my family. All the puppies live inside with us till the day they leave for their forever homes. The puppies are constantly smothered in lots of kisses from the beginning Dogs are my life and my absolute passion. And this, I want to share with you.



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Applying for a Puppy

If you'd like to apply for a puppy from Ettennakaay Tenterfield Terrier, you can apply below. RightPaw will help you create an owner profile and ask you a few questions, so breeders can get to know you. Paula H will then get back to you to confirm your interest and puppy availability.

Aug 2022

9 weeks (after birth)