Unique French Bulldogs
Unique French BulldogsUnique French BulldogsUnique French BulldogsUnique French BulldogsUnique French BulldogsUnique French BulldogsUnique French BulldogsUnique French BulldogsUnique French Bulldogs
Sharryn A
Sharryn A

Unique French Bulldogs

Newborn litter

Litter Expected  15 Oct 2021Home Date  10 weeks (after birth)

LocationShire of Wellington, Victoria

Hi, I'm Sharryn A.

Unique French Bulldogs is THE home of healthy​,​ happy puppies based in Sale​,​ Victoria! With over 44 years combined experience breeding French Bulldogs​,​ we are committed to changing the face of what it means to be a dog breeder in the 21st century by being extremely ethical​,​ and with the primary aim to strengthen the general health of this beautiful breed. We have searched the world to strengthen and diversify the gene pool for our breeding program and nowhere on the globe is too far for us to source perfect​,​ new bloodlines. We love French Bulldogs in all their different shapes​,​ sizes and colours because we value health and breed for this​,​ over and above any aesthetic features. We pride ourselves on providing the most exceptional care to all puppies​,​ love the pure joy that our Frenchies bring to people all over Australia and the world (and yes they can fly​,​ as we BOAS test). The health and living standards of the dogs is our number one priority​,​ which is why we operate an open invitation policy to our home so that you can come and see all our lovable pups for yourself! If you'd like to discuss the possibility of one of our beautiful French Bulldogs joining your family​,​ then please get in touch.

Vet Approved Criteria

Last checked on 12 August 2021

RightPaw Responsible Breeder Badge

Every breeder on RightPaw has agreed to our vet-approved RightPaw Code of Ethics, and passed an interview from one of our team.

  • Breeding & Welfare
  • Health Practices
  • Home Environment
  • Documentation
  • Feeding
  • Physical Condition

Our Breeding Practices

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Behaviour and socialisation

Our puppies and adults are raised by staff who have had many years experience in jobs​,​ including vet nurses​,​ dog trainers and behaviourists​,​ rescue organisation volunteers and rescue organisation managers. With our staff and their experience​,​ we work together to achieve the best care for our Frenchies and they are raised following the highest standard in cleanliness​,​ behaviour and are spoiled with love from the day they enter the…

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All of our Frenchies are regularly vet checked by our vet including spine x-rays and hip scoring​,​ patella scoring​,​ vaccinations and worming and our adult dogs are fully health tested again before breeding. We feed only the best quality holistic dog foods and encourage all of our newborns to breastfeed from their mother to receive all the natural nutrients and antibodies they need to be fit and healthy​,​ but our animal attendants also top…

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Home environment

Our facilities are set on a backdrop of five acres of beautiful Victorian countryside. We have a large grassy field​,​ planted gardens​,​ vegetable patches​,​ trees and a gravel area that our Frenchies can roam freely and safely. The grounds are littered with play equipment​,​ toys​,​ food and water and are maintained daily by our animal attendants who ensure food and water are topped up for grazing​,​ grounds are poop scooped and grass is…

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Included with our puppies

We include a pre-loved today​,​ some food and chews​,​ lots of comprehensive information and phone support throughout the life of your dog. We also supply a breeder contract which contains a desexing clause​,​ health guarantee and rehoming policy. We also offer a vacation service to any local new owners.

Health Tests

Core Tests(1/5)

Unique French Bulldogs conducts 1 out of 5 core health tests which RightPaw believe are most important to conduct for the French Bulldog.

BOAS Exercise Tolerance Test

stethoscope iconPhysical Test

This test involves running the dog at a steady trot for three-minutes and assessing their…

BOAS Exercise Tolerance Test

Additional Tests

Unique French Bulldogs does not conduct additional health tests.

About the breeder

A little about us

I’m Sharryn, a French Bulldog fanatic and veterinary nurse by profession.

Why we got involved in breeding

I absolutely love animals and growing up around them on a farm, you would always find me around dogs who particularly fueled my fascination. Dogs make people happy and after following my passion in becoming a vet nurse, I began breeding with the sole aim to better the health of the breed. Having raised a variety of breeds, including the Jack Russell over the last 30 years, I couldn’t go back after being owned by my first Frenchie for their playful, humorous, quirky, almost human-like nature, mood swings and attitude! It is my absolute joy to share their love and true companionship with others - they are children with fur and human therapy!

Our special touch

I breed for the utmost best health and temperament and love what I do. Every dog raised gets our personalised, 1 on 1 regular attention and developmental support by myself and professional helpers and trainers.


State registration

WSC09/2015 Victoria BR101372


Unique French Bulldogs

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Applying for a Puppy

If you'd like to apply for a puppy from Unique French Bulldogs, you can apply below. RightPaw will help you create an owner profile and ask you a few questions, so breeders can get to know you. Sharryn A will then get back to you to confirm your interest and puppy availability.
A$2,000 - A$8,000

We include a pre-loved toy​,​ some food and chews​,​ lots…

15 Oct 2021

10 weeks (after birth)

A$2,000 - A$8,000