Xioma Chinese Cresteds Dogs
Xioma Chinese Cresteds DogsXioma Chinese Cresteds DogsXioma Chinese Cresteds DogsXioma Chinese Cresteds DogsXioma Chinese Cresteds DogsXioma Chinese Cresteds DogsXioma Chinese Cresteds DogsXioma Chinese Cresteds DogsXioma Chinese Cresteds DogsXioma Chinese Cresteds Dogs
Sally J
Sally J

Xioma Chinese Cresteds Dogs

Newborn litter

Litter Expected  15 Jul 2021

LocationSouth Australia, Australia

Hi, I'm Sally J.

Please don't call me Sally J Established in 1994​,​ Xioma Kennels is owned by Sally and Sylvia Johnson. We are Australian National Kennel Council registered breeder of Chinese Crested and heritage breeders of Peruvian Hairless since 2002 when we brought in the first dog to Australia. Prior to that​,​ we bred Rottweilers under the Caonnag Prefix from 1980. Further information found at http://www.xiomakennels.com/history-of-our-kennels.asp

Vet Approved Criteria

Last checked on 23 March 2021

RightPaw Responsible Breeder Badge

Every breeder on RightPaw has agreed to our vet-approved RightPaw Code of Ethics, and passed an interview from one of our team.

  • Breeding & Welfare
  • Health Practices
  • Home Environment
  • Documentation
  • Feeding
  • Physical Condition

Our Breeding Practices

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Behaviour and socialisation

Our puppies are raised in the house and are socialised around us​,​ our many older dogs and visitors to the home. They do not leave until they are fully ready at around 8-12 weeks of age.

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We progressively DNA test (PRCD and PLL-PRC3) all our dogs​,​ both Crested and Peruvians.

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Home environment

We live rurally on four acres with a dedicated whelping setup inside the home.

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Included with our puppies

Registered Pedigree with the ANKC​,​ microchip​,​ DNA tests​,​ vaccinations and worming​,​ diet sheets​,​ lifetime support and advice. We can arrange vasectomies and tubal ligation​,​ so there is no need to totally desex your puppy and injure their growth. We will take back our dogs at any age​,​ but unless there is a health reason​,​ we will not refund.

Health Tests

Core Tests(3/3)

Xioma Chinese Cresteds Dogs conducts 3 out of 3 core health tests which RightPaw believe are most important to conduct for the Chinese Crested Dog.

Patellar Luxation

stethoscope iconPhysical Test

Dogs affected by patellar luxation have loose kneecaps that may pop in and out of the knee joint,…

Patellar Luxation


dna iconGenetic Test

Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) is a genetic cause of blindness found in dogs, particularly affecting…



dna iconGenetic Test

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) in dogs is a type of genetic eye disease causing deterioration…


Additional Tests

Xioma Chinese Cresteds Dogs conducts 2 additional tests available for the Chinese Crested Dog.

dna iconGenetic Test

This is a disease affecting the spinal cord of older dogs, initially causing wobbliness and eventually hindlimb paralysis. It can affect a wide range of breeds. There is now a DNA test that can indicated if a breeding dog is carrying this disease.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

stethoscope iconPhysical Test

A heart certificate indicates a breeder has had their breeding dogs declared free from common heart conditions which might be passed down genetically to the puppies. This can be done by auscultation or echocardiography with a veterinary cardiologist, or by echocardiography with a GP vet. Common heart conditions include Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease (MMVD).

Heart Certificate

About the Breeder

A little about us

Xioma Kennels is owned together by Sally and Sylvia Johnson.

Why we got involved in breeding

We have also shown and bred Chinese Cresteds and imported dogs to improve our bloodlines. We have also exported many great dogs overseas. We endeavour to produce sound healthy Chinese Crested and Peruvian Hairless Dogs who are a joy to own. We are committed to ensuring the future of these breeds.

Our special touch

We have over 40 years experience in the breeding world.


State registration



Dogs SA (ANKC)

Association number




Breeding since


  • Adelaide Lure Coursing & Racing Club Inc
  • Adelaide Plains Kennel & Obedience Club


Applying for a Puppy

If you'd like to apply for a puppy from Xioma Chinese Cresteds Dogs, you can apply below. RightPaw will help you create an owner profile and ask you a few questions, so breeders can get to know you. Sally J will then get back to you to confirm your interest and puppy availability.

15 Jul 2021

9 weeks (after birth)