Our Story

RightPaw was started by a team of passionate dog lovers who all had the same 'ruff' experience. We went through the painstaking process of trying to find a puppy online. And it was exhausting! So many websites, no transparency around ethical standards, and no support along the way.

And this is a big problem, not just for us humans. Many of the issues dogs face - from health concerns, to behavioural problems, and even ending up in shelters - can be traced back to a difficult start in life.

We believe the single biggest difference you can make to a dog's life, and the wider industry, is at the very start.

So we're building a better beginning. We're here to help every dog and owner start off on the RightPaw.

Our Team

Adelaine Ho

Adelaine Ho

CTO, Co-founder

Adelaine has a breadth of experience building marketplace solutions. She is determined to help people find responsible breeders through virtual vetting technologies, empower a new generation of puppy parents and is looking forward to digitalise and disrupt the process of buying a pet online. She also has a mega soft spot for Golden Retrievers.

Nathan Olivieri

Nathan Olivieri

CEO, Co-founder

Nathan used to be a journalist, and loves to tell stories. Particularly stories that inspire people to make a change for the better. He’s worked on building sustainable products for some of the biggest companies in the world, and is now on a mission to build the best start in life for dogs everywhere. He is also a bit of a fanboy when it comes to Beagles.

Imogen Game

Dr. Imogen Tomlin-Game

CVO, Chief Veterinary Officer

Imogen is a small-animal veterinarian, and dog fanatic. She has practiced as a vet in Australia and the UK, and is super passionate about animal welfare. She is fascinated by animal behaviour, instructing as a dog trainer in her spare time. When she’s not working, you’ll find her out exploring with Oska, her Jack Russell x Shih Tzu.