Celebrating responsible breeders, to build the best future for dogs everywhere.

  • How do we do this?

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      Verify all breeders

      All breeders on RightPaw are verified against our RightPaw Code of Ethics, developed by vets and breeders together.

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      Provide online tools and support

      We help responsible breeders stand out from the pack, by providing time-saving tools to help manage their kennel.

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      Educate the public

      We educate owners on what ‘responsible’ looks like, and how their choices can impact dogs everywhere.

    ...and RightPaw is free for all responsible breeders, because we believe you should be celebrated for the work that you do.

  • Why we created RightPaw

    Dr. Imogen Tomlin-Game

    “We truly believe that working with excellent quality breeders is where we can affect the most change and make the biggest difference for animal welfare.”

    - Dr. Imogen Tomlin-Game, Chief Veterinary Officer at RightPaw

    Australian Veterinary Association logoRead interview with AVA
  • How we help responsible breeders

    Easily share your kennel with the world

    Create a beautiful profile yourself, or have our customer support team build it for you. Update litter availability in a single click. No more messy website management.

    RightPaw breeder public listing example

    Stand out as a responsible breeder

    Show potential owners you are an ethical choice. RightPaw only accepts responsible breeders, who have passed our independent criteria, developed by breeders and vets together.

    RightPaw breeder listing vet approved criteria section

    Manage all your applications in one place

    Speak with all potential owners, without jumping between apps or sites. Manage your conversations in our RightPaw messaging platform, and even sort them into categories and lists to follow-up.

    RightPaw messaging platform

    Find genuine owners and forever homes

    Owners can easily apply straight from your profile. All owners applications come with a pre-built questionnaire, so you can make sure they are genuine. Easily compare owners, make notes, and request follow-up info.

    RightPaw questionnaire and application example

    Keep track of applications between litters

    Not having a litter right now? No problem! You can easily manage waitlists, receive messages from future owners, and notify them when you’re expecting a litter in a single click.

    RightPaw application screening process for potential owners
  • How to register

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    Register as a breeder

    Sign up with a few simple details. Our team will reach out to help get you set up in no time.

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    We help you set-up

    Our dedicated customer support team will help build your profile. We do the heavy lifting to help get you started.

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    You're all set

    Your profile page is built, and you can start receiving applications and sort through your applicants.

  • What our customers say

    Shar pei from Rynkls
    Rynkls Shar Peis
    RightPaw is striving to advance the hobby of dog breeding through their amazing support of ethical breeders. Their commitment to educating breeders and potential puppy families is truly a great asset. The honest and vigorous assessment of participating breeders gives peace of mind to families in finding a healthy, happy and sound new family member. We truly appreciate their support and devotion to the dog world.
    Breeder - Di Gooding

    Dianne G

    Shar pei & chow chow breeder

    Chow from Majestueux
    Majestueux Kennels
    I used RightPaw for my most recent chow chow litter. Their application process has saved me so much time by being able to receive genuine, high-quality questionnaire responses from potential owners. It has streamlined my admin tasks and all the applications are in one easy to find location.
    Breeder - Tricia Cumner

    Tricia C

    British Bulldog & chow chow breeder

  • Frequently asked questions

    RightPaw is a website that features trusted and ethical Australian dog breeders, and helps connect them with responsible owners. Being part of RightPaw will help you showcase yourself as a responsible choice for new dog owners, and will give you a beautiful profile to professionally represent your kennel. Our online platform will also help you easily manage your enquiries and your application process, by allowing you to receive applications in the one place.

    Your RightPaw profile is a website page that promotes your kennel, and includes information about your breeding practices, the health tests you conduct, your breeder bio, and what sets you apart as a breeder. It also features a photo gallery, and allows you to easily update potential owners about litter availability. Owners can also enquire or apply for a puppy directly through your RightPaw profile.

    Setting up a profile is as simple as registering your interest here, and answering a few quick questions. A member of our customer service team will contact you, and provide dedicated assistance in helping you build your profile.

    Absolutely! All enquiries and applications can be accessed via our RightPaw instant messaging chat, so you can speak to them at any time. You can also still call all your enquiries, to get a feel for them as a potential puppy parent and verify their suitability.

    RightPaw is completely free for breeders. We want to encourage all responsible breeders to sign-up, and believe they should be celebrated for the work they do.

    Not at all. Our RightPaw customer service team will be available to set-up your profile and guide you on how to use the website, and will be on-hand to answer any questions you might have along the way. RightPaw has been designed to be simple, intuitive, and time-saving, and that includes learning how to use us!

    RightPaw can complement your existing personal website or profile, by helping manage your enquiries and applications when prospective owners need to contact you. Most websites still require owners to email or call you directly, meaning breeders still need to answer (and keep track of) several enquiries a day. With RightPaw, owners can enquire and apply directly on the breeder’s profile, allowing you to keep all your leads in the one place. You can also set-up your existing websites to point to RightPaw to collect your enquiries, so you can manage them more easily.

    All breeders who sign-up to RightPaw have a screening session with our customer support team, and must meet our independent RightPaw criteria - developed together with vets and breeders. It will also include verifying health, pedigree, and vet records, and in some cases a virtual home inspection. We also work with the state registered organisations and local councils to verify membership and identification numbers for breeders.