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We provide you with simple tools to manage, screen and support your pup's forever homes.

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  • Essential must-have for all breeders

    • Time

      Time Saving

      Simplify your puppy applications - saving hours of calls, texts, and emails.

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      All in One Place

      Have all your applicant details in one place, to sort through, order and chat.

    • Confidence

      Stand Out

      Showcase yourself as a responsible choice to future dog owners.

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  • How to become RightPaw Verified?

    • Breeders must abide by our Code of Ethics, developed in line with major associations and state legislation.
    • We cross-check all registration and health tests provided.
    • Virtual tours of their property to meet their dogs and appraise their breeding program.
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    RightPaw verified listing
  • How we help you find your best homes

    We know breeders pour their heart and soul into raising their pups, and believe they should be celebrated for the work they do. RightPaw helps you simplify your puppy applications, saving hours of calls, texts, emails and admin - have all your applicant details in one place, to sort through, order and chat.


    Personalised Questions

    Screen all potential owner applications with a personalised questionnaire, make notes, and compare with others.


    Chat and Announcements

    Chat with all your potential owners in the one place, and easily send announcements and mass updates to all applicants.


    Applicant Ranking

    Rank and order your potential owners based on their responses, to help identify your most suitable homes.

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    Beautiful Pages

    Create showcase listings about your breeds - no more messy website management!

    group lists

    Manage Lists

    Place applicants into different lists, to identify your ‘Interested’ and ‘Favourite’ owners.

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    Perfect for updating new applicants on the status of your breeding program.

    filter menu

    Filter and Sort

    Filter and sort through your applicants by name, location or puppy preferences in your inbox.

    payment link

    Puppy Payments

    Optional secure payment method for puppy payments at no cost to you.

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    Easy Interface

    With a simple and easy interface, if you can use social media, you can use RightPaw!

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  • How to get started on RightPaw

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    Create your listing

    Sign up to create a breed listing for your breed or let our team help build the page for you!

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    Meet and greet

    Book in your verification call with our team. This usually happens within 24 hours after your listing is created.

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    Share your profile

    Share your listing link with applicants on your Facebook, website, Instagram to screen them in RightPaw.

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    Watch the magic

    See all your applications in your RightPaw Inbox, ready for you to screen, sort, filter, manage and chat.

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    We respect breeder’s privacy and information. Refer to our privacy policy.

  • What our breeders think of RightPaw

    RightPaw has made my life so much easier - I don't have applications coming in from all directions…and I can sort only the highest calibre, serious applicants.

    Erica Davison

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder

    Erica D

    Very efficient and effective form of communication... you don't have to filter through emails or worry about people. You get applicant details and their stories at a click!

    Pauline Gill

    Labrador Service Dog Breeder

    Pauline G

    Finding good homes for my puppies is always my no. 1 priority. RightPaw has enabled us to do just that and I felt confident that our pups have gone to the right, fantastic homes! The RightPaw team have been nothing but helpful and the site is extremely easy to use.

    Catherine Crozier

    Cavoodle Breeder

    Catherine C
  • Happy forever homes

    RightPaw took all the stress and work away both in terms of finding responsible breeders and which amongst them were due to have puppies available. RightPaw also provided us with some incredibly helpful information on getting off to the proper start with everything from crate and toilet training to what to look for in a puppy school. I would highly recommend RightPaw to anyone searching for the right puppy and the right breeder.

    Kate Gyngell

    Happy 'pawrent' of a Golden Retriever pup

    RightPaw placed forever home
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  • Why we created RightPaw

    Dr. Imogen Tomlin-Game

    “We truly believe that working with excellent quality breeders is where we can effect the most change and make the biggest difference for animal welfare.”

    - Dr. Imogen Tomlin-Game, Chief Veterinary Officer at RightPaw

    Australian Veterinary Association logoRead interview with AVA
  • Frequently asked questions

    RightPaw is a website that features trusted and ethical Australian dog breeders, and helps connect them with responsible owners. Being part of RightPaw will help you showcase yourself as a responsible choice for new dog owners, and will give you a beautiful listing per breed to professionally represent your breeding program. Our online platform will also help you easily manage your enquiries and your application process, by allowing you to receive puppy applications in the one place.

    Your RightPaw breed listing is a page all about your breeding program, and includes photos as well as information about your breeding practices, the health tests you conduct, expected litter plans and a bit about you as a breeder. Breeders direct their enquiries to their RightPaw listing, so applicants learn more about them, and can submit an application directly on the listing.

    Setting up a listing is as simple as creating an account, and answering a few quick questions. A member of our customer service team will contact you, and provide dedicated assistance in helping you build your listing.

    Absolutely! All enquiries and applications can be accessed via our RightPaw instant messaging chat, so you can speak to them at any time. You can also still call all your enquiries, to get a feel for them as a potential puppy parent and verify their suitability.

    RightPaw will always be free for responsible breeders. We want to encourage all responsible breeders to join, and believe they should be celebrated for the work they do.

    We also have an optional Premium version with additional features such as personalised breed questionnaire for puppy applicants, inbox advanced filters and autoresponders for $15 a month, billed annually, although breeders can always choose to remain on the ‘free’ version.

    Not at all. Our RightPaw customer service team will be available to set-up your profile and guide you on how to use the website, and will be on-hand to answer any questions you might have along the way. RightPaw has been designed to be simple, intuitive, and time-saving, and that includes learning how to use us!

    RightPaw can complement your existing personal website or profile, by helping manage your enquiries and applications when prospective owners need to contact you. Most websites still require owners to email or call you directly, meaning breeders still need to answer (and keep track of) several enquiries a day. With RightPaw, owners can enquire and apply directly on the breeder’s listing, allowing you to keep all your applications in the one place. You can also set-up your existing websites to point to RightPaw to collect your enquiries, so you can manage them more easily.

    All breeders who sign-up to RightPaw have a Verification Call with our team, and must meet our independent RightPaw Code of Ethics - developed together with vets and breeders. It will also include verifying health records, breeding practices, and in most cases a virtual home inspection. We also work with the state registered organisations and local councils to verify membership and identification numbers for breeders.

    At RightPaw, we believe that responsibility can exist across all breeds - both pure-bred and cross-bred. We want to bring transparency to the whole landscape, and promote great breeders who engage in responsible practices across health, behaviour, socialisation and more. All our breeders are verified independently by our team and against our Code of Ethics, developed by breeders and vets together. We believe it's important to provide this transparency, and help all potential puppy owners on their search. You can read more about our position on this.

    Your privacy is important to us - we do not share your health docs, registration papers, address or phone number with anyone. This is paramount to protect the identity of our breeders. RightPaw does not store or process any credit card information. All credit card and bank account information is handled by Stripe, RightPaw's payment gateway. Stripe is a trusted payment processor. That being said, RightPaw takes security issues very seriously and follows best practices to make sure that your data is safe.

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