Complaints Policy

At RightPaw, we deeply value the welfare of animals and take the responsibility of breeders very seriously.

Reporting a breeder

If you have a concern about a breeder on the RightPaw platform, we encourage you to contact us at with the below information:

  • The breeder's name and breeding program of the RightPaw breeder
  • A summary of the situation or issue
  • Which areas of the RightPaw Code of Ethics you believe the breeder has breached
  • Specific evidence which demonstrates the Code of Ethics breaches, e.g. photos, records, or relevant communication with the breeder

Once we receive the relevant information, we will be able to look into the concern more thoroughly. While we endeavour to address all concerns as quickly as possible, breeder concerns often require additional investigation - including liaising with the breeder - and may take time to be resolved.

Support for RightPaw Pay

Please note that we can only investigate concerns that relate to activities which have taken place on the RightPaw platform. If communication and/or payment took place outside of RightPaw, we are unfortunately limited in how much support we can offer.

If you are in the midst of a dispute with a breeder, RightPaw always recommends open and transparent dialogue in a friendly manner. The vast majority of breeder complaints or disputes are often resolved between breeder and buyer directly, through positive communication and honest discussion.

Last updated: March 17, 2024