Dzahhli Tenterfield Terriers
Dzahhli Tenterfield TerriersDzahhli Tenterfield TerriersDzahhli Tenterfield TerriersDzahhli Tenterfield TerriersDzahhli Tenterfield Terriers
Nicole B
Nicole B

Dzahhli Tenterfield Terriers

Newborn litter

Litter Expected  20 Mar 2022Home Date  8 weeks (after birth)

LocationLockyer Valley, Queensland

Hi, I'm Nicole B.

We are a small select kennel based in the Lockyer Valley. We have been breeding and showing dogs for just over 8 years.

Vet Approved Criteria

Last checked on 20 August 2020

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Every breeder on RightPaw has agreed to our vet-approved RightPaw Code of Ethics, and passed an interview from one of our team.

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Our Breeding Practices

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Behaviour and socialisation

We breed for type​,​ temperament and soundness and our dogs live in the home with us and our puppies are raised with love in the home on our small acreage.

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We strive for quality healthy Tenterfields. All our Tenterfields are PLL​,​ CHG and PRA clear.

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Home environment

All our pups are raised by myself and my partner​,​ Matthew. They are kept inside with the family​,​ and depending on weather are spoilt with air conditioning and​/​heater during Winter.

Health Tests

Core Tests(2/2)

Dzahhli Tenterfield Terriers conducts 2 out of 2 core health tests which RightPaw believe are most important to conduct for the Tenterfield Terrier.


dna iconGenetic Test

Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) is a genetic cause of blindness found in dogs, particularly affecting…



dna iconGenetic Test

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) in dogs is a type of genetic eye disease causing deterioration…


Additional Tests

Dzahhli Tenterfield Terriers conducts 2 additional tests available for the Tenterfield Terrier.

dna iconGenetic Test

Congenital Hypothyroidism with Goitre (CHG) is a genetic type of hypothyroidism that can be found in Fox Terriers, English Toy Terriers and Tenterfield Terriers. There is a DNA test available to identify if a breeding dog is carrying this condition.


dna iconGenetic Test

This is a disease affecting the spinal cord of older dogs, initially causing wobbliness and eventually hindlimb paralysis. It can affect a wide range of breeds. There is now a DNA test that can indicated if a breeding dog is carrying this disease.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

About the breeder

A little about us

Matt and I are dog lovers. Our dogs are our life!

Why we got involved in breeding

Both Matt and myself knew we wanted a family of dogs as soon as we bought our first property, however we couldn't decide on what size as I always wanted a small dog to snuggle and Matt wanted a larger breed. Matt started searching DogzOnline for a breed that would suit both of us and he came across the Tenterfield Terrier, we weren't sure of the breed as we have never met anyone with Tenterfields so we contacted a breeder in Victoria, Australia - Pam Martin of Tentella Tenterfields and we arranged to go into partnership with her dog Tentella Wundurra. Pam came up for the Tenterfield Terrier Club of QLD Specialty Show in May 2014 and we fell in love with "Wundu" or "Dudey" as we nicknamed him. This began our Dog Show career, from there we have purchased our own bitch Numerrijig Angel I Am "Angel", she was born in February, 2015 and I managed to title her by November 2015, this was an extremely exciting time as I had never shown a dog prior to Wundu. By November 2015 we had already decided we wanted our own boy, so we started searching and in February 2016, Nudimah Mista Frey "Boston came home with us - he was born in December 2015. We had our first litter in November 2016, Angel was an absolutely amazing mother and gave birth to 2 baby girls and a baby boy. We decided to keep one of the baby girls, our first home bred bitch, Dzahhli Fashion N Fame "Prada" she has already had a wonderful show career and keep getting better every weekend, we are so proud of this girl and her upcoming career in the ring :)

Our special touch

We breed for type, temperament and soundness, our dogs enjoy Lure Coursing and Earth Dog Trials. We take pride in the amount of interaction our dogs have - our dogs are our life. We offer lifetime support for all our puppy owners. We have a private Facebook group to keep track of the puppies' progress and their health.



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Applying for a Puppy

If you'd like to apply for a puppy from Dzahhli Tenterfield Terriers, you can apply below. RightPaw will help you create an owner profile and ask you a few questions, so breeders can get to know you. Nicole B will then get back to you to confirm your interest and puppy availability.

Puppy pack​,​ dry food​,​ worming tablets​,​ toys​,​ beds​…

20 Mar 2022

8 weeks (after birth)