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  • Paying through RightPaw provides greater support, safety and security for new puppy parents.

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      Secure payment protection

      Know your payment is secure, traceable, and protected by our Buyer and Breeder Policy.

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      Puppy parent training

      Receive our vet-developed Puppy Prep Program, with the latest pet parenting expertise and milestone reminders.

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      Lifetime support

      All RightPaw parents receive our ongoing support - for any pet questions, advice, or disputes, our team is always here for you.

  • Pay with peace of mind

    Secure transactions

    Payments are processed securely, with full traceability

    Clear documentation

    Receive a detailed record of your puppy offer and details

    Flexible payment options

    Pay with debit card, credit card, or Apple or Google Pay

    Dispute resolution

    RightPaw are here in the event of any policy disputes

    Peace of mind
  • Meet some of our RightPaw Puppy Parents

    Holly Hudson

    Happy ‘pawrent’ of Apollo the Cavoodle

    RightPaw gave me so much confidence. Even though I wasn’t able to meet my breeder face-to-face, I felt confident in proceeding because of the high level of vetting RightPaw completes for you.

    Keeva Stratton

    Happy ‘pawrent’ of Arty the Chow Chow

    Purchasing a puppy is not a small purchase! This is a convenient and secure way to pay - having full transparency and mutual understanding of expectations has been really helpful and reassuring.

    Kate Gyngell

    Happy ‘pawrent’ of Wellington the Golden Retriever

    RightPaw took all the stress and work away, and provided us with some incredibly helpful information on getting off to the proper start - with everything from crate and toilet training to what to look for in a puppy school.

  • How it works

    pay on device


    Receive your puppy offer

    Choose to pay via RightPaw with extra protection and support.

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    Pay securely on RightPaw

    Have visibility of your payment through RightPaw. Final payments released when puppy leaves.



    Receive our support and training

    We are here to assist at any time and start receiving our puppy prep training.

  • Have secure traceability of your puppy payment

    Pay securely online over Stripe with your debit card, credit card, or Apple or Google Pay.

    Final payments are held securely and released to the breeder when your puppy is ready to leave.

    All payments through RightPaw will receive support for any change of minds and cancellations, our independent Dispute Resolution and lifetime support in the event of any issues related to the policy.

    RightPaw Puppy Payments
  • Be supported as a responsible puppy parent

    All payments through RightPaw include access to our Puppy Prep Program. Our Puppy Prep Program includes a series of lessons to prepare you as a responsible dog owner. From home set-up, training, and transport, all the way to settling your pup in, toileting, and how to socialise your puppy. developed by our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Imogen.

    RightPaw will also send you Puppy Milestone Reminders for vaccinations, worming, socialisation advice and more, throughout your puppy’s first year.

    You can purchase RightPaw’s Puppy Prep Program before the arrival of your puppy.

    RightPaw Puppy Payments
  • Lifetime support from our team

    Paying through RightPaw also means our team is on hand to assist you, throughout your dog’s life.

    Our Buyer and Breeder Protection Policy also means you can have confidence your puppy is coming from the right place, all information is accurate, and the breeder is who they say they are.

    In the event of any policy disputes - or any questions or advice you might need - our team is here to support you.

    RightPaw Team
  • Protect the future of puppies everywhere

    By paying through RightPaw, you are supporting responsible breeders and an ethical breeding industry.

    All payments through RightPaw come with our Puppy Parent Support, which includes secure payment protection, puppy parent training, and lifetime support.

    We charge a small additional fee (approximately 5%, plus merchant fees) to cover these benefits, which allow us to continue running our platform and protecting dogs everywhere.

    Puppy cost


    RightPaw Puppy Parent Support




    Girl kissing a puppy
  • FAQs

    If you want to pay through RightPaw, you can request this through your breeder when the time comes to pay for your pup.

    Puppy Parent Support is our way of ensuring all pups have the best possible start in life. We charge a small additional fee (approximately 5%, plus merchant fees) to cover these benefits, which allow us to continue running our platform and protecting dogs everywhere.

    Legally in Australia, puppies cannot be sold until 8 weeks of age. Every breeder offers their pups anywhere between first week of the pups being born to week 6 or 7. Whichever week it is that you pay the breeder, RightPaw holds your money securely in a virtual bank account on Stripe - RightPaw's selected payment merchant. Your money is only released 1-2 business days before the date the puppy leaves the breeder (Puppy Home Date).

    We take the security of our customer's information very seriously. We chose to use the most stringent security payment merchant to protect your credit or debit card information. That's why RightPaw uses Stripe as the payment merchant. No credit card details are stored within our platform.

    You can pay securely online over Stripe with one of the following payment methods: debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

    If the Puppy Sale is cancelled by you prior to the Puppy Home Date, we will refund you the Puppy Fees in full (including our RightPaw Protection & Support Fee), less 1.75% merchant fee and if applicable, any agreed non-refundable deposit from the breeder.

    Developed by Dr. Imogen, RightPaw's Chief Veterinary Officer, the RightPaw Puppy Prep Program is designed to support you with the latest pet parenting expertise. The curated training program is delivered in bite-sizes across 2 months through your RightPaw messages with the breeder. As part of the program, we also send puppy milestone reminders throughout the first year of your puppy's life including vaccination and worming reminders. Learn more about the RightPaw Puppy Prep Program.

    Feel free to email us at, and one of our friendly team can answer any questions you may have.