Hello, I'm Rachael H.

Hi, I'm Rachael from Zuleika! Zuleika Finnish Lapphunds is a boutique kennel situated in northern Tasmania, dedicated solely to this breed. Our dogs are an instrumental part of our family: living in our house, laying on our couches, sleeping on our beds and enjoying a rural aspect with two acres to run on. We only breed, on average, once a year. This enables us to raise each litter in our living area, where they are exposed to common household noises and activities, and receive lots of cuddles. We use Puppy Culture protocols to ensure our puppies get the best possible start to life. Our commitment to remaining a boutique kennel means we are proud of the level of support we are able to provide to our puppies’ forever homes, particularly in what can be a tough first 18 months. Becoming a Zuleika owner means becoming a part of the Zuleika family.