Hello, I'm Terri M.

Terri has been involved with Finnish Lapphunds (also known as Lappies) for over a decade, obtaining her first Lappie in 2008. Showing and breeding under the 'Taigakoira' kennel prefix, Terri has been active in both the Finnish Lapphund community and is a registered pedigree breeder with Dogs Victoria. She has also had the pleasure of seeing and showing Lappies internationally, in Finland, Sweden and Norway, and has imported a number of new lines into the country. Taigakoira bred Lappies have done well in and out of the show rings, winning best in shows at both specialty and all breed shows, as well as gaining titles in herding and performance sports. Although Terri doesn't breed often she welcomes inquiries for pet, show and performance homes for this wonderful breed.

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