Ironbark Miniature Dachshunds
Ironbark Miniature DachshundsIronbark Miniature DachshundsIronbark Miniature DachshundsIronbark Miniature DachshundsIronbark Miniature DachshundsIronbark Miniature DachshundsIronbark Miniature DachshundsIronbark Miniature DachshundsIronbark Miniature Dachshunds
Emma F
Emma F

Ironbark Miniature Dachshunds

LocationDubbo, NSW

Newborn litter

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Hi, I'm Emma F.

Welcome to Ironbark! Our family breeds beautiful Miniature Dachshunds.

Vet Approved Criteria

Last verified on 14 Aug 23

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Every breeder on RightPaw has agreed to our vet-approved RightPaw Code of Ethics, and passed an interview from one of our team.

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  • Health Practices
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  • Physical Condition

4 puppies available

Newborn & Planned Litters

Our Breeding Practices

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Behaviour and socialisation

We take great pride in raising our puppies with utmost care and love, ensuring they receive enriching activities that promote their mental and physical development. From an early age, they are surrounded by the playful presence of other animals, the joyful laughter of children, and the warm affection of adults,…

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We take immense pride in the well-being of our puppies, ensuring they receive the best care possible. They will come to you already wormed, microchipped, and vaccinated, setting them up for a healthy and happy start in life. Our commitment to health extends to our breeding dogs, as they undergo rigorous testing for…

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Home environment

Welcome to our world of happy and well-rounded puppies! We take pride in providing our pups with a nurturing family environment, where they are showered with love and care from the very beginning. This creates a strong foundation for their friendly and affectionate nature, making them perfect additions to any loving…

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Included with our puppies

Puppies will come with a health guarantee, DNA results of parents, certificate of vet check, relevant health records, starter food pack, a toy, and a scented blanket

Health Tests

Core Tests(1/2)

Ironbark Miniature Dachshunds conducts 1 out of 2 core health tests which RightPaw believe are most important to conduct for the Dachshund (Miniature).


dna iconGenetic Test

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) in dogs is a type of genetic eye disease causing deterioration…


Additional Tests

Ironbark Miniature Dachshunds conducts 2 additional tests available for the Dachshund (Miniature).

dna iconGenetic Test

Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), also known as ‘brittle bone disease’, is an inherited disease in both humans and animals, causing bone fragility and fracturing. As it is a genetic disease, breeding parents can be tested to ensure it is not passed onto their puppies.

dna iconGenetic Test

Sarcoglycan Deficient Muscular Dystrophy (SDMD) is a genetic disease causing a stiff gait, exercise intolerance and difficulty swallowing in young Miniature Dachshunds. There is now a DNA test available to identify if a breeding dog is carrying this disease.

Australia States

Transportation options

Australia States

Ironbark Miniature Dachshunds will send their puppies to the following states for their new families:

All states (QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT, ACT & TAS)

Getting your puppy home

Ironbark Miniature Dachshunds supports the following options for getting your new puppy home safely.

In person puppy pick up
Meet the breeder in person for puppy pick ups
Ground transport service
Supportive of on-the-road pet transport by car or van
Domestic air travel by plane
Supportive of domestic air transport by plane

Badges of Recognition

RightPaw Verified BadgeAAPDB Registered

About the Breeder

A little about us

Welcome to Ironbark Miniature Dachshunds. We are a small boutique breeder of Miniature Dachshunds 20 kilometers from Dubbo, NSW. Our dogs are our babies! We are a family of 4 plus our 8 dogs! Each one with their own personality. We love and care for our dogs as if they are one of us. They are fed a premium diet…

Why we got involved in breeding

Our Dachshunds are the most beautiful, caring, in-tune dogs! We want to share this with other people.

Our special touch

Our puppies are raised in our family and very well socialised. We send regular updates to our puppies new families before they go home and love receiving updates as they grow. We are very approachable and welcome and questions or feedback. Our puppies receive a health guarantee, a desexing voucher and we have a…




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Applying for a puppy

Apply for a puppy by answering a few questions so Emma can get to know you.

We ask for a $500 deposit to hold your chosen puppy.

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Ironbark Miniature Dachshunds accept safe and traceable payments. What's this?