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Rynkls Shar PeiRynkls Shar PeiRynkls Shar PeiRynkls Shar PeiRynkls Shar Pei
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Rynkls Shar Pei

Expecting litter

Litter Expected  8 Jul 2020

Hi, I'm Di G.

Here at Rynkls Shar Pei​,​ we are dedicated to breeding healthy​,​ temperamentally sound and correct Shar Peis so as to preserve the best qualities and heritage of this beautiful breed. The quality and correctness of our dogs is proven by our results in the show ring where we consistently win at top levels. We also love showing the versatility of our Peis in other disciplines​,​ but we mostly enjoy their friendship on the couch!

Our Breeding Practices

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Behaviour and socialisation

At Rynkls​,​ we are committed to the emotional welfare of our dogs and take extensive steps toward conditioning them to be able to handle the stresses of life. All of our puppies receive "ENS" training and will have commenced toilet​,​ crate and lead training and will have been exposed to many challenges including children​,​ loud noises​,​ other pets ​/​dogs​,​ and general living conditions.

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All Rynkls puppies come with a vet health check​,​ age appropriate vaccinations​,​ parasite treatment (endo and ecto)​,​ microchip​,​ and pedigree registration with the Australian National Kennel Council. Where possible and applicable​,​ all of our breeding dogs undergo relevant DNA and​/​or physical health assessment for conditions that can affect the breed. We are happy to provide further information on this if required.

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Home environment

Our puppies are born and raised in our home so as to be close to us at all times. It is not unusual to find one of us in the box enjoying cuddles and keeping mum company. Being raised in a family home also means that our puppies are exposed to the usual sights​,​ sounds and smells of everyday family life​,​ preparing them for their new family. Our puppies have regular play time outdoors where they are challenged with all sorts of obstacles that help them grow physically and mentally.

Health Tests

Eye Certificate

An eye certificate means the breeder has had their breeding dogs examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist, to confirm they are not affected by any eye conditions which may be passed down genetically…

Eye Certificate


Shar-Pei Auto-Inflammatory Disease (SPAID) is a inherited disorder specific to the Shar Pei, and has no known pathogenic or autoimmune cause. It is characterised by recurring episodes of fever,…


About the Breeder


We're Di and Neil, from Rynkls! We're a small but successful kennel on a leafy half-acre, located in the small village of Bungendore - just outside of Canberra. We breed and show quality Shar Peis and Chows, in the pursuit of preserving these wonderful breeds through fair and tough competition.

Why we got involved in breeding

I started exhibiting dogs back in the early 1980's, owning and handling Dobermans and Bull Terriers to a variety of conformation and obedience titles. I'm incredibly passionate about animal welfare and thoughtful breeding. I hold a diploma in Animal Technology, and have lectured on animal ethics, behaviour and breeding at the Australian National University. I also love sharing that knowledge with fellow dog lovers, and constantly staying up to date by attending conferences, courses, and information sessions.

Our special touch

We're active members of the dog community, serving on a number of committees and holding membership to a number of related clubs. We also contribute to the development and welfare of the Shar Pei (and dogs in general) through public education, rescue work and breed-specific training.






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Breeding since


  • Lake George & Wamboin District Kennel Club
  • Bungendore & Palerang District All Breeds Kennel Club


How to Get a Puppy

If you'd like to apply for a puppy from Rynkls Shar Pei, you can apply below. RightPaw will help you create an owner profile and ask you a few questions, so breeders can get to know you. Di G will then get back to you to confirm your interest and puppy availability.

8 Jul 2020

8 weeks (after birth)