Hello, I'm Kerry W.

My dogs are my passion. I was lucky enough to be a member of the PAL Superdog Team, working closely with my dogs in the public eye, training and sharing all the wonderful things a dog can bring to our lives. Being able to live with them and bring puppies into the World is a blessing I don't take lightly. I spend many hours every day talking to my owners or talking to prospective owners who are considering owning one of my puppies. I live and work from home so am able to spend all my time either with or watching my dogs. It is surprising how much a human can learn by watching a dog just being, rather than always interfering. I know my dogs, I spend lots of time with my dogs and every one of them brings me joy and pleasure every day and being able to breathe in puppy breath is one of the very best things that can be enjoyed. The two dogs in my profile image were my first Obedience Champion and first Conformation Champion.