Beaupark Rottweilers
Beaupark RottweilersBeaupark RottweilersBeaupark RottweilersBeaupark RottweilersBeaupark RottweilersBeaupark RottweilersBeaupark Rottweilers
Michelle C
Michelle C

Beaupark Rottweilers

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Planned Litter  Nov 2022

LocationWattle Range, South Australia

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Hi, I'm Michelle C.

A small kennel with a stud dog and three bitches. Beaupark has 100% working lines and also show and blended lines to cater for different needs. The aim of Beaupark Rottweilers is to produce strong​,​ healthy​,​ stable dogs which adhere to the German breed standard. We choose carefully when breeding and only use sound​,​ true to standard dogs in our breeding program. We support the rottweiler as a breed and offer support and advice to anyone interested​,​ because having educated owners of this breed is of the utmost importance to us. Our dogs come first.

Vet Approved Criteria

Last checked on 19 May 2021

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Every breeder on RightPaw has agreed to our vet-approved RightPaw Code of Ethics, and passed an interview from one of our team.

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Our Breeding Practices

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Behaviour and socialisation

Our puppies are handled from birth​,​ cuddled and massaged. As they get older​,​ we accustom them to all normal family household noises​,​ lawn mowers etc. Outside​,​ they have obstacles to climb to build their strength and we can assess their individual level of confidence and any submissive personalities. We ensure they are exposed to lots of different experiences - taken in the car​,​ seeing up close shopping trolleys​,​ motorbikes and…

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Beaupark is proud of our breeding and all relevant testing is done to prevent genetic health issues that can be passed down through the lines. We do our utmost to keep up-to-date with the latest bulletins and testing. We have completed a full DNA profile of our dogs and we are proud to announce these have returned a result of clear or negative to genetic​,​ hereditary diseases or faults in our breed. Our dogs are fed mainly raw meats and…

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Home environment

The puppies are whelped inside. Depending on the climate at the time. We have a box setup and portable pen​,​ under our watchful eye and are on call 24​/​7. As they grow​,​ from about 5 weeks​,​ they venture outside in a fenced off area with a pergola cover and discover grass​,​ little garden pruning trees and find puddles to play in. In addition​,​ we have a Shitzu dog at the kennels and the puppies have interaction through the kennel mesh…

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Included with our puppies

We produce a pack with the parents' photos and health checks​,​ literature on dogs and kids​,​ feeding times​,​ toilet training​,​ facts about individual puppies and future care. We also include a food sample of kibble and treat pack by K9Krackers​,​ vaccination certification​,​ vet recommendations​,​ a 12 month health guarantee covering known hereditary diseases for the breed​,​ void if desexed prior to 12 months of age.

Health Tests

Core Tests(3/3)

Beaupark Rottweilers conducts 3 out of 3 core health tests which RightPaw believe are most important to conduct for the Rottweiler.

Elbow Dysplasia

stethoscope iconPhysical Test

These breeders have had x-rays taken on their breeding dogs to assess the quality of their elbow…

Elbow Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia

stethoscope iconPhysical Test

These breeders have had x-rays taken on their breeding dogs to assess their ‘hip score’. Dogs with…

Hip Dysplasia


dna iconGenetic Test

Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy (JLPP) is a genetic neurological disorder…


Additional Tests

Beaupark Rottweilers does not conduct additional health tests.

About the breeder

A little about us

I'm Michelle and I love the majestic black beauty: the rottweiler. I'm a dog instructor and run a dog treat business - K9 Krackers. I have been a breeder of sound, stable Rottweilers since 1993. I believe in accountability, responsibility, integrity. Breeding dogs is not exempt. A strong moral and ethical stand behind our dogs is what we have built Beaupark on. Being fair, approachable and supportive to new owners has resulted in friendships and great results for our puppies in their new homes.

Why we got involved in breeding

Back in 1993, I first came to owning my first rotti. After Jessie, there was never going to be another breed that would capture my heart. Owning, showing and training soon became my passion, although rarely do I attend shows now. I enjoy training my rotties and trialling. After many years, this beautiful breed still captivates and excites to see them at work and play.

Our special touch

Our rottis are bred for temperament, longevity and to be diverse, guardians of nature, protectors and, true to the standard, couch potatoes! We are 100% responsible for the welfare of our puppies. We are approachable and take pride in our breeding. I aim to be a good ambassador for the breed and to educate people about this majestic but powerful breed. Our dogs are for life.


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Applying for a Puppy

Apply for a puppy with Beaupark Rottweilers by answering a few questions so Michelle can get to know you. Michelle will send you updates to confirm your interest and puppy availability.

Breeder Support for the life of the dog​,​ with the puppy…

Nov 2022

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